Consulting Services:

Operational Efficiencies for Financial Advisors and Insurance Advisors

We specialize in optimizing operational efficiencies for Financial Advisors and Insurance Advisors. Our comprehensive solutions streamline key processes, automate routine tasks, and implement advanced technologies to enhance productivity. We empower Financial Advisors to focus on strategic decision-making, client relationships, and value-added services. Our tailored approach ensures a seamless integration of efficient workflows, allowing advisors to achieve higher levels of effectiveness, reduce operational costs, and ultimately deliver superior financial services to their clients.

Cost – Fees are determined after a free initial consultation

Succession Planning

When buying assets from another advisor to accelerate the growth of your business, your workload and your team's workload increase. We work with you to provide strategies for a successful transition that benefits your business and provides a streamlined process for a smooth handoff for the clients.

To maximize the value of your business when preparing it for sale, begin the process several years in advance.  We identify areas for improvement and recommend effective strategies to increase the value of your business.

Whether you are buying or selling a book of business, we can help with the process!

Cost – Fees are determined after a free initial consultation

New Advisors

Are you a Financial Advisor or Insurance Advisor new to the business?  You’re newly licensed and you bought a book of business, now what?

We provide the guidance you need to set up an advisory business!

Fees - Monthly retainer starting at $550 per month

Advisor Mentorship Program

Coaching is provided by one of our experienced Wealth Advisors.  They will work closely with new and existing Advisors, providing guidance, insights and a wealth of industry knowledge.  This is attained through knowledge transfer, client relationship management coaching and real-life case studies.

$1500 – 3 sessions
$ 2375 – 5 sessions
$ 5500 – 12 sessions

If you’re interested in one of our consulting services or workshops, please email:
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