Your role as a Financial Advisor is to help clients navigate life’s most significant transitions.  Have you also remembered to plan for yours? A few years ago, our team found ourselves buying another advisor’s book of business after he suddenly—and tragically—died in an accident. We had not prepared for this, but more significantly, neither had…

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Simple business solutions, so you can focus on growth.

“As wealth advisors, our primary duty is to help our clients achieve their financial objectives’”and most of our time is spent accomplishing that. But we must never be so busy working in our business that we neglect working on our business.” Dan Nolan ‘¦ That’s where I come in. I’m Lorraine Nolan, President and Lead…

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Dealing with Grief

“It’s a lifelong dance between feeling our sadness and inviting moments of joy to be experienced. As we toggle between the two, we acknowledge that what we’ve lost mattered, and that we matter too.” Dina Bell-Laroche, Grief Unleashed (2023) It is inevitable that each of us will experience grief and loss at some point in…

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